SCARPA is the new collection by PRIM, designed by Michelle Elie

” I wanted to call it “SCARPA“, a long overdue personal homage to his inspiring oeuvre.

Sometimes inspiration you get from “things” that are overlooked for many years.
I experienced this with Carlo Scarpa, the Italian architect who lived in Venice and was buried in his most recognisable architectural work “The Brion Family Cemetery”. Somehow once in a while we rediscover an image, a sound, a quote, a face or an element to fuel an inspiring starting point of an entire collection.

The two circular windows of Scarpa ́s may be most iconic work is very present at the collection, e.g. the golden square shaped cuff with the triangle peak reflects his genius geometric play or “Veneto“, a wooden bag with it ́s hand carved wood side window resembles the facade of his renovated Foundation of Quierini Stampalia in Venice. The Scarpian details eludes in another handcrafted bag called “ATURO” which embraces glass on it ́s side to attract light and harmonise the crafted wooden frame of the bags.”

The collection is enterly produced in Spain with local artisans.

“It was a “Coup de Fou” traveling for the first time to Granada in search of inspiration and craftsmanship.
It was a natural bond with artist Juan Diaz Losada and Alberto Quiros the goldsmith I met on this journey who have their workshops in Granada, where they work precisely and contemplate on religious attire. Or Cecilo Reyes who carves cherry wood bags and selects in addition the most beautiful veins – a master for specialised wood carving canopies for “Virgenes & Christos” religious statues in Spain.

Michelle Elie

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