Guizhou, Winter 1990, Stockholm, Winter 2015

Winter 1990
My aunt shooted these photos in a small village, in China,called Guizhou.

Winter 2015, Stockholm, she Iopened the yellowed album.

The people in the photos look like living in the Peach-Blossom Source, described in this poem.

“The land was flat and spacious.
There were houses arranged in good order with fertile fields, beautiful ponds, bamboo groves, mulberry trees and paths crisscrossing the fields in all directions. The crowing of cocks and the barking of dogs were within everyone’s earshot.
In the fields the villagers were busy with farm work. Men and women were dressed like people outside. They all, old and young, appeared happy.”

25 years later, 9000 miles away
I weared their costumes to shoot these portraits
When I was walking in the snow, I feel like I was jumping into the cracks of time.
Or maybe this is just a travel in another time and another place.
JiaJun Wang



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