Mustafa Sabbagh: XI comandamento: non dimenticare, ZAC ai cantieri culturali alla zisa, Palermo _ from 21.05 to 17.07.2016




mustafa-sabbagh_memorie-liquide_001Memorie Liquide

mustafa-sabbagh_onore-al-nero_004Onore al nero


I met Mustafa Sabbagh few months ago in Milan, we shared reflections
about the idea of travel , for him “a dialectic way to pass through our thoughts , a permanent change from one state to another, a searching of identity .”
Talk with him usually is an opportunity to broaden my horizon about art, looking away, embracing a vision defined according to the parameters of the artist’s and less according to the views of the art world on him.
I see in the art of Mustafa a sense of freedom, a way to be enchanted and indulge in the world.
Experiencing the body as landscape requires a strong sensitivity.
His work is a poetic passage, a mirror that elevates the ephemeral visible of bodies and objects into a permanent radical beauty.
Journeying through Mustafa photos it means pass through his gaze upon the world, through his seductive carnal black bodies , through a dramatic direction that intesifies pathos and pietas .
His intrusive and outrageous black , pervades and simultaneously removes barriers, petrifies the bodies , calling upon their surprising and astonishing aspects inside a spectacular setting.
An ethical monument to the beauty, a theatrical play, a dramatic transportation, make each work a scenario, a microcosm that encompasses a wider world, most disturbing of what we’re looking at.

If is possible or not to penetrate Sabbagh’s works , his photos , his installations and his videos create a short circuit of our conscience , a deep powerful attraction, an invitation to recognize themselves, to be reflected.

The extraordinary value of Mustafa ‘s opera is due to the way he reveals the body, digging incessantly into he interiority,  demystifying   the superficial appearance.

 On May 21  2016 in the monumental spaces of industrial archeology area  ZAC to the Cultural Shipyards alla Zisa in Palermo,  will open his first retrospective.

According to the artist’s idea, who also curated the exhibition, ZAC will be designed as a container of contemporary schizophrenia, a large closet living of his disorder and psychosis of its owner; a metaphor of disoriented humanity , schizophrenic on the concealment of his fears, which are here cataloged by Sabbagh. A humanity forgotten by his own humanity, the urgency of integration – individual and social – from Palermo, where Mustafa Sabbagh requires a social duty as a secular commandment: Do not forget.

Do not forget to Honor Black, a  photographic series that made him famous throughout the world,  a personal reflection and social challenge from  the individual dark side, that subverts the conventions through the multidimensionality of one # 000, and draws reinterpreting the history of art.

Do not forget Candido, an inedit  project, laical absolution granted by those who know how to share the blame through pure  eyes – and bloody hands – of a child, as in Das Unheimliche,  from Freudian memory, where is covered in blood the adult expectation respect to CD “different”.

Do not forget in the Chat Room, a love letter / symphony of pain from a poor Christ and a poor devil, and in Dark Room, rediscovery of innocence through a voyeuristic act.
Do not forget anthro_pop_gonia,an inedit  video installation ,  focused on the the  Ariadne’s thread , from the story of Greek mythology to the history of the contemporary vice.
Do not forget to Made in Italy © – Handle with care, cynical slap whispered questions, do not shout – as they should be the afoot of revolution. What is really a foreign body in an society  infected by slowness? Useless to try to forget him, in front of the seriality of a crime perpetrated by man to man, in the Black Sea installation – specially created  by the artist for Palermo – 09.2015: 3944.

“A schizophrenic does not forget; a schizophrenic accumulates “Sabbagh writes,” as in a multiple personality disorder, as in a mad zapping “.

 All photos courtsey of Mustafa Sabbagh, thanks to the press office Fabiana Triolo

Stefania Seoni

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